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Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat Sheets (2 pieces)

Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat Sheets (2 pieces)

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Love to Grill? You Need This! 
Hate Cleaning the Grill? You Need This! 

1. Food Won't Fall Through the Cracks !
2. Grill Chopped Vegetables, Eggs and Hash Browns !
3. No Messy Grill to Clean
4. Easy Clean Up (Just Wipes Clean)
5. Cook without oil or fats (more healthy)
6. SGS & FDA approved
7. Reusable
8. Heat resistant up to 500F (260C)
9. Non-stick (even Eggs and Cheese will not stick)
10. 5 Year Limited Warranty
11. Foods retain more vitamins and minerals
12. Keeps Grill Marks
13. Great Grill Taste
14. Does NOT absorb odors or transfer flavors

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